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 Forever 21 

The bag I made: I used a material with Paisley and a thick gold cord for the handle and pulleys. 

Maxi Skirt -  its made of a chiffon material on the outside and there is a layer underneath that comes to your knees to make a smaller skirt. it doesn’t touch the floor which means it will stay in a good condition at the ends. it flows really nicely when you move. it will be look really good with a plain black pair of heels or high wedges that have thick straps.  I will probably wear a dark coloured top with this, to compliment the bright orange colour of the skirt. I also think it could look cool with a dark coloured band t-shirt. 

Sorry the Picture quality isn’t great,

This top is really fun, It’s made of a sort of chiffon material and is mustard yellow. It’s really flattering and the cape bit on the top flows nicely with your movements as its really loose around the tops of arms. I teamed it with a statement floral scarf that I got whilst I was Spain in June, It gives the outfit more layers and is a way to use colour blocking if you don’t have bright coloured trousers. I also added a simple gold charm necklace, as its subtle and sits nicely. I will probably team this combination with a simple pair of dark blue skinnies and either my pale pink ballet pumps or a pair of plain black heels, it would also look nice with        a pair of tan/brown shoes. 

Picture sent in by - Anna: thecaseofthescarletmystery

What I think: The skirt makes this outfit look elegant. The Turquoise top brightens the outfit and gives it some colour. The gold necklace and the skirt make the outfit have a slight vintage feel to it. I can see this outfit as being either dressy or casual. You could dress this outfit up more by adding more jewellery, Like a gold chunky bangle (mixing silver and gold jewellery normally clashes) and by adding a pair of turquoise patent heels a similar colour to the top. Or keep the outfit casual by wearing a pair of sandals and a gold necklace with a long chain. For a change of colour you could wear silver jewellery instead of gold, A silver necklace and a small simple chain bracelet would keep the outfit looking elegant and pretty. I don’t think that Black pumps would go well with this outfit, try sandals to keep it looking summery and light. I also like the up hair do as it ties in with keeping the outfit summery. 

Picture sent in by: Anna - thecaseofthescarletmystery 

What I think: I love this look, the jeans that are folded at the bottom with sandals give the outfit a calm and casual day look and the bright colours of the top make the outfit more summery. The colour of the jeans makes them very versatile, which makes them wearable with pretty much any top paired with them. to create a more dressed up look with the jeans you could add a pair of ballet pumps or heels (depending on the situation) and a plain top with a cardigan like the one in the picture. The top could also be paired with a plain coloured skirt or shorts (with no pattern otherwise the outfit would be to busy) but not high waisted because of the black band that goes around the top and the outfit would have too many layers. 

What can I wear with these? there beige and sort on a denim material??

I love the colour of this top! and the puffy sleeves, Its good to wear if your feeling tummy conscious! and the skirt gives you the shape the tops taking away and shows off bum!!

This Jumper is so comfortable! The red gives the outfit a splash of colour. If you wear dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of ballet pumps it can make a casual day outfit and then by adding a pair of heels you can make it casual-dressy which could be worn to a lunch or diner at a casual restaurant. you could wear it out to a dressed up dinner too by wearing a skirt (like the one in the photo) and a pair of heels.

  (I know my fingers and legs are fat)

So I used the jumper again to create a ‘day look’ I wore this outfit when the weather couldn’t make its mind up, It was hot but the wind was cold so I didn’t want to wear a coat because it wasn’t that cold. I can’t remember what shoes I wore but if I wore this again I would wear ballet pumps or my tan wedges, Brown shoes that are a similar colour to the belt or if you don’t have brown shoes a bag that’s a similar colour would also work with this outfit

Not sure what to write about the head band, It just cute aha!  I guess it’s a very ‘festival/hippy chic’ Item you could wear one to Finnish off your own version of ‘festival/hippy chic’ look!